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Committed to Excellence in Photographic Education


These guys are dedicated to helping you learn and enhance your photography and your skills.
This endeavor cannot be done without the help of great friends, Cliff Lawson and Larry Adkins, are our engineers. Find out more about these guys


Rick Avalos

M. Photog., Cr., CPP, Fellow - PPColorado

Rick has been practicing his craft for 48 years. He has lectured and judged at the regional and national level as well as in Mexico and Spain. His images have been recognized by receiving many Kodak “Gallery Awards”
and Fuji “Masterpiece Awards”. In addition, Rick’s photographs have been displayed at Disneyworld’s EPCOT Center, Photokina in Cologne, Germany and in Korea at Imaging Asia. 

In 1986 Rick was certified by the PPA and received the Master of Photography degree in 1992. The Photographic Craftsman degree was awarded in 1994. He holds the Photographic, Educational, and Service Fellowship degrees from the Professional Photographers of Colorado. Rick’s service to the photographic industry has been acknowledged by his peers who have twice awarded him the coveted National Award, those being from the Professional Photographers of Colorado and the Professional Photographers Association of New Mexico.

Rick was honored to receive the Duncan MacNab Service Award from the Rocky Mountain Professional Photographers Association and in 2012 Rick was honored by the Professional Photographers of Colorado with the Lifetime Achievement Award. At the 2020 PPA Imaging Conference Rick was bestowed the Jurors Meritorious Service Award.


Jeff Johnson

M. Photog., Cr., CPP, Fellow - PPColorado

Master Photographer



Chief Instigator

Admittedly these are self-inflicted titles. However, I have earned the Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America and this can only
be achieved with high quality imagery and an intense and long-term participation in the industry.

In my 45 years as a professional I have always been one to share exciting ideas and techniques. It only then makes sense that I offer consultations, programs and workshops which create a vehicle where I can share the knowledge I have accumulated over these rewarding years and hopefully educate photographers everywhere.

Chief Instigator . . . now this is an interesting tag. As you may imagine I have had my fair share of teasing and abuse over this one. A lot of folks think this means “troublemaker”, which, if you know me, isn’t really that far-off base. If you look it up it means “one who urges or provokes action or course. To instigate the people to photograph.” Well, I altered the last part but this is exactly what I am trying to do . . .


Rick's Work

Jeff's Work

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