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That's Right . . . Jump On In!

Receiving photography critiques on your work is a very valuable learning experience. It’s an art in and of itself.


On each show Rick, Jeff and a special guest will offer constructive criticism and valuable insights that will help you see your work from a different perspective. They will help you identify areas that can be improved, and praise you for your talents. A critique can help you grow as a photographer, and n artist, and help you develop your own unique style. It's important to approach the critique process with an open mind and not take negative feedback personally. Critiques are not an insult to you or your art.


Join in each month right here at The Image Critique Show as Rick, Jeff and their guest share their knowledge, encouragement & positive attitudes. And, you can probably count on some really bad jokes, too. 

January thru November, we will bring you a 2+ - hour event. Learn more about each monthly guest on the 2024 OUR GUESTS page.

As a benefit of your membership with the Professional Photographers of Colorado,, and/or the Professional Photographers Guild of Colorado Springs,, we offer you a discounted rate for your image submissions. Each show will be recorded and can be viewed over and over again. Visit our 2023 shows HERE. The 2024 shows can be viewed HERE

Members are welcome and encouraged to enter every month. While we encourage you to become a member of the association, you do not need to be a member to watch these monthly broadcasts. Hope to see you there.


Each broadcast will be recorded for your

listening pleasure RIGHT HERE.

If you are interested in personalized video

critiques of your imagery just click HERE to

find out how to obtain video critiques for any

of your photographs. 


We plan on chatting up about 25 - 30 images in a 2-hour plus show. Each month’s broadcast will have a limit of 25 - 30 image entries. Do not hesitate to submit y9ur images ASAP!


We strongly encourage questions and participation by the viewing audience during each broadcast. Cuz, that's how you're gonna learn. So, ask away!


Check the SHOW TIMES page for dates and times for each monthly broadcast.

This bear is just sitting back and chilling by the lakeside

'Sit Back and Enjoy The Show' © Jeff Johnson

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