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For 2024 we are adding more interesting content and opportunities for you, our favorite guests. We are going to offer eight image critique sessions just like our inaugural year so you can improve on your photography and kick arse in image competitions.

In 2024, we are introducing our new feature called "Conversations with . . . ". We have invited a few of the industries outstanding photographers for some conversation with us. Starting in January we have our good friend Bob Coates  joining us for our first conversation. We will offer conversations with more industry icons in May and September as well.

Our plan is this . . . as you know we love for you all to be involved with our broadcasts. Same goes for our interviews. Plan on tuning for each conversation with our guests and bring your questions and comments with you! We will chat with our guests for 45 - 50 minutes and then open up the chat-lines for you. Ask away, please. Let's make this fun and interactive. 

We, of course, will be recording each conversation and have them available on this site very soon after the live interview. You can listen over and over again to your favorite artists. Pretty cool, huh?

We are so excited to bring you this new feature for 2024. Hope you'll play along!

January 17, 6p MST -
Bob Coates
April 20, - Unmesh Dinda
July 11, 6p MST - TBA
September 5, 6p MST - TBA

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