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March 28
Critique Guest

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 Kevin Holliday is an internationally recognized fine art black and white photographer residing in metropolitan Atlanta. Along with being named the Professional Photographers of South Carolina ‘Photographer of the Year’ in 2017, he has received awards from such international organizations as the SeeMe Exposure Awards™, ND Awards™, and the esteemed IPA™ (International Photography Awards).


His work has a primary focus on architecture, landscape, and long-exposure minimalism, where it is noted for its attention to simple elements, leading lines, and negative space. Kevin attributes this attention to his background in graphic design, an artform that is built from a blank slate based completely on VISION. He is also known for mentoring aspiring photographers by helping them develop the technical aspects of Image-capture & Processing, while also expressing their own artistic vision; he believes that without that aspect, nothing else matters! 

For Kevin, it’s not just the capture and processing of the image that’s important; he has always believed that no photograph is 100% complete without a physical manifestation of it… the print. Working methodically and producing a smaller crop of images per year than many others, his attention is engaged on the final display of fine art. You can rest assured if you have a limited-edition print by Kevin Holliday, it has been handled from start to finish with the goal of being displayed on the wall and enjoyed for a lifetime. 

Check out Kevin’s work at:

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