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A Great Way to Get More Feedback

Having your photographs critiqued by Rick & Jeff is a tremendous opportunity for your photographic education. To be able to learn more about your work and where you stand in your education is such an advantage.

Long time judges and stewards of the art, these guys have mastered the art of delivering a message about your photographs. No, it won't be sugar coated!  And yet, it won't be harsh, either. Your critiques will be honest & truthful. There is no benefit for unjust praises or harshly critical remarks as these won't help you realize where you are in your knowledge of the art. 

Keep in mind, Rick & Jeff are just two guys who have years of experience submitting their imagery before other talented and well educated photographers. They are just two individuals, as well educated as they are, they represent just two points-of-view. But you knew that!

While their knowledge and comments are well versed and truthful, these are just their thoughts. Take them as you will, but take them seriously as they only mean the best for you and your photography. 


The Elements of Design are a list of suggestions that, if followed, will make your imagery stronger. The elements of design are not just for image competition, but to be used in all of your photography. Here is your copy of that list ELEMENTS of DESIGN.


Have both of the guys take a look at your portfolio on a live Zoom session. Give them a couple hours of your time and allow them to both give you feedback and encouragement on your photography. Kinda exciting, huh? Schedule a Zoom session with the guys HERE

  • 4 – 5 IMAGE CRITIQUE                                                            

    • 20-30 minute video recording for you to keep

    • Featuring Rick & Jeff

    • $175



    • Up to 10 images

    • Up to 90 minutes

    • Live session with YOU and Rick & Jeff

    • Video recording of the session for you to keep

    • $345



    • Up to 25 images

    • Up to 2 1/2hours

    • Live session with YOU and Rick & Jeff

    • Video recording of the session for you to keep

    • $595


Call or email Jeff to set up your image critique opportunity - 303.921.4454 / EMAIL

© RIck Avalos

Architectural Illusions of a commercial building.

Architectural Illusions - Jeff Johnson

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