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October 3
Critique Guest

Chris Wooley - web.jpg


His love of photography is visible in every image he creates. 

He has had images exhibited at Disney's Epcot Center and proudly displayed and cherished in the homes and offices of many collectors.


Dave's artistic and technical excellence have earned him the Kodak "Gallery Elite" Award, deemed to be the best Gallery Award Image in the world in 2015. He has also received honors for Kentucky "Best of Show" and "Photographer of the Year" eight times. He is one of only two photographers to receive the Kodak Gallery Award in all four categories (Portrait, Commercial, Illustrative and Wedding) in a single year. Dave has earned 21 Kodak Gallery Awards in his career. He feels his involvement in photographic competitions at the local, state, national and international level has been the key to his growth and evolution as a photographer. His involvement in competition has not only been as an entrant but also as a juror, jury chairman and vice chairman of the Photographic Exhibition Committee of PPA. These opportunities have allowed him to evaluate and enjoy some of the finest images from the top image makers around the world.



Check out Dave’s work at:

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