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January 17
An Interview with BOB COATES

bob headshot night sky full_A041455 1500p.jpeg
bob headshot night sky full_A041455 1500p.jpeg


M. Photog., M. Artist, Cr., CPP, EA-ASP

Starting his professional photographic career in Mach of 1995 after mucking about with photography 13 years prior, Bob Coates is a commercial & fine art photographer and photo educator based in Sedona, Arizona. Articles for magazines and books authored by Bob are part of how he gives back to the photographic community. In addition, Bob has presented programs from Hawaii to the Caribbean including National platforms at PPA’s Imaging USA and other venues. Judging local and International print competitions is another way Bob has shares his expertise in the industry. 


Bob currently lives and works from his residential studio in Sedona, AZ with his wife Holly.

Check out Bob’s work at:

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