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Episode 11

March 28 '24

Episode 12

April 25 '24

A Conversation With . . . Unmesh Dinda

Receiving photography critiques on your work is a very valuable learning experience. It’s an art in and of itself.


On each show Rick, Jeff and a special guest will offer constructive criticism and valuable insights that will help you see your work from a different perspective, help you identify areas that can be improved, and praise you for your talents. A critique can help you grow as a photographer, and n artist, and help you develop your own unique style. It's important to approach the critique process with an open mind and not take negative feedback personally. Critiques are not an insult to you or your art.


On the fourth Thursday of each month, the guys & a guest will offer valuable information and help you with your images in a very positive and constructive atmosphere.


Join in each month right here at The Image Critique Show as Rick & Jeff share their knowledge, encouragement & positive attitudes. And, you can probably count on some really bad jokes, too. 

bob headshot night sky full_A041455 1500p.jpeg


Don't wanna miss out on entering or viewing a show now do ya? All you need to know is right here.

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We've asked some of our good friends to help us out. These aren't just our good old bar buddies. These folks are awesome photographers and they are pretty darn knowledgable about making
fine quality images.

camera 130.jpg
camera 125.jpg


Have the guys create a video critique of your images. One image, two images or a portfolio of your favorites, get some professional and experienced feedback on your work.

"Works of art make rules; rules don't make works of art."           ~ Claude Debussy

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Spoil yourself with a personalized educational opportunity

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3 cameras.jpg


Here is a great idea for your continued learning. Study at your leisure and learn at your own pace. Many courses to come!

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