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Let's Make This Happen for Your Association 

This is a great opportunity to help your association members elevate their photographic technique and image quality, not only for image competition but also for their work in general.


​The guys at The Image Critique Show have developed an new and unique opportunity for photographers of all levels to test run their imagery in a competition atmosphere with two Masters of Photography and long-time seasoned image competition jurors. This program is similar to their monthly broadcast yet offered to your group privately.

Jeff and Rick are both 45+ year veterans each having grown up in successful family-run photography studios. They are both PPA Masters, Craftsmen and multiyear PPA Approved Affiliate jurors. Photographic instruction is their passion as they have shared years of knowledge with hundreds of eager photographers across the USA, Canada and Mexico. Seasoned veterans that they are, they offer this opportunity for you to learn how to be more understanding of the judging process,  realize more success with your image entries, and learn how to master image competition.


For a unique, your group only broadcast, your members may submit their images for positive yet constructive feedback from Rick & Jeff. A very insightful and entertaining conversation will be offered on each image submitted. This powerful opportunity is intended to help your members learn and grow in their photography endeavors.




Image competition and critiques are the best and fastest ways to improve one’s photographic abilities. This opportunity offers your members a 2 - 2 1/2 hour live broadcast of thought provoking critiques from Rick and Jeff. No scoring or awards take place, just honest, positive feedback from their point-of-view. Offering a live and on-the-spot situation for a maker to ask questions about their images is a rather bold but constructive situation. All of this is just for your group. Take advantage of this right away.


  • Hosts - Jeff Johnson & Rick Avalos will be live from their locations

  • 2 to 2 ½ Hour Program / Broadcast

  • Member interaction encouraged during the broadcast

  • Recorded for your group to rewatch at your convenience

  • 25 image minimum to hold the broadcast

  • 30 image max of YOUR member’s images critiqued during the show

  • Broadcast slots available Monday thru Thursday. Day or evening slots available

  • Can be an off night for your group and not a regularly scheduled group meeting

  • “Party Viewing” on Zoom or a gathering of members for a Zoom broadcast.

  • Hybrid combination also possible

  • $450 for the 2 - 2/12 hour broadcast. Each member pays a fee or your group covers the fee

  • Contact us for creative ideas to make this broadcast a knockout for your group!


Call or email Jeff to set up your image critique opportunity - 303.921.4454 / EMAIL

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© Jeff Johnson


© Rick Avalos

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